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Kayarine's graphics and stuff
13th-May-2012 10:43 pm - [sticky post] Welcome!
This is my little corner at LiveJournal where I display all (or most) graphics I've done, as well as other things such as Dissidia texture mods. Feel free to browse around and leave a comment if you have an account! I update this journal around monthly or bi-monthly, but sometimes I take longer if I don't have much to showcase.


To browse, either:
view the most recent posts as you're already doing right now and keep clicking on "Previous 5 Posts" at the bottom
or click on "Contents / Tag List" on the left sidebar to view all tags to easily find what you're looking for.

I use mainly Dissidia and BlazBlue images, but sometimes I have other random stuff up if I took any requests.

If you'd like to know where I get my resources from, be sure to check the Resources List.

That's all! I hope you enjoy my works.
Jin Yukikaze
I finally started taking requests again, so I've done some more stuff! There's a little more variety this time but still not much. There might be another, smaller post soon if I get around to making something extra.

** Wallpaper: Makoto (BlazBlue)
** Icons: 1 Aerith (Final Fantasy VII), 2 Firion (Dissidia), Milotic (Pokémon), Miyako (Melty Blood), Ventus (Kingdom Hearts)
** Signatures: Noel (BlazBlue), Prishe (Dissidia), Milotic (Pokémon), 2 request-specific
** Dissidia Texture Mods:
- Firion Ice Blue Alt2
- Nighttime Prima Vista (M.S. Prima Vista)

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Dancer Bartz
Blah... I haven't been making many graphics lately. But it's not like that's anything new. I'm posting mainly to drop the tutorial I wrote here.

** Tutorial: Tsubaki Wallpaper
** Icons: 1 Valentine's Day, 2 Firion (Dissidia), 1 Lightning (Dissidia)
** Signatures: Jin & Tsubaki (BlazBlue), Mitsuru (Persona 3), Firion (Dissidia)
** Special: The Loft (Dissidia team) graphics

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Alt Firion
Hey look, first post of the year! I've been making graphics here and there, but it still isn't a spetacular amount. I haven't been in the mood for signatures, to be honest. So they're kinda random. Everything else is just requests or things I felt like making, along with some random stuff.

Oh and I finally figured out how to get a half decent text header on this layout. So now you can actually see that there are different sections instead of having everything lumped together.

** Wallpapers: Emperor of Arubboth (Dissidia); X-matic (BlazBlue); Hakumen (BlazBlue)
** Icons: x5 Jin (BlazBlue); Mitsuru (Persona 3); Tsubaki (BlazBlue); Aigis (Persona 3); Firion (Dissidia); Bartz (Dissidia)
** Signatures: Tsubaki (BlazBlue); x3 Jin (BlazBlue)
** Banners: Dissidia Forums; Gathering of Heroes (Both for Dissidia Forums)

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Jin Instruments
It seems that lately I've been working on larger graphics. It's good for a change, I suppose, but coming up with stuff to put on large pieces is so hard. ; ;

I was requested to make two banners for Mayonaka Midnight. I went and designed a logo for them as well, even though I'm a little inexperienced with logo stuff... I was also in the process of making tiny Arcana userbars for their premium memberships, but there's so many of them that I got tired of it. I'll pick it up again as needed (aka people ask for an arcana that currently doesn't have a userbar made yet.) By the way, if you like Persona or are insterested in P4U, please check out their forum! They're doing their best to compile all the info that's current out.

As for the stick art, I'm planning to get an arcade stick for Christmas, so one day when I was bored I decided to try my hand at designing something for it. This was my second time trying to make stick art (the first one was terrible and I'm not going to post it here XD), I hope it's decent for that. Too bad I'm unsure if I'll actually have the guts to tamper with my stick to apply the art.

Oh well, here's stuff for display only, except the wallpaper which is free for use as usual.

** Wallpaper: Jin vs Tsubaki (BlazBlue)
** Arcade Stick Art: Jin (BlazBlue)
** Banners: Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena; Aigis and Naoto (for Mayonaka Midnight)
Firion (for a guide posted somewhere else); BlazBlue (for a now defunct forum)

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My car is a Nissan
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